A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

choosing your wedding photographer

Wedding pictures are very important because they document everything that made your wedding special. When the memories start to fade, you can look at your wedding pictures and feel again the joy and the love that you felt on that day. Therefore, there is a need to choose your wedding photographer with care.

Selecting a Wedding Photographer

When you are shopping for a wedding photographer, look at talent above all. If you are looking for good wedding pictures, you must choose someone who knows what to do with his equipment, the light and his subject.

Beware of photographers who will treat your wedding as a sideline and not a vocation. Because of technological improvements in the field of photography, more and more people can pose as a photographer after buying an expensive set of digital photography equipment.

This is not to say that those who carry digital cameras are immediately suspect. This is just to warn you that there are people there who think taking beautiful pictures involve merely pressing the shutter as many times as possible in the hope that they will churn out something that you will like.

Those unwise enough to hire someone like this would have been better off had they told their kid brother to go around with a digital camera and start shooting. They would have gotten the same results at no extra cost.

Your wedding photographer must be one extensively trained in photography. He is someone who knows how to pose his subjects in ways that would surely enhance them. He knows how to use his camera to capture human emotions, not empty smiles. Every picture he produces tells a story because each shot is deliberately planned and set up. A professional wedding photographer also knows how to develop his prints to get the best resolution, and to use quality materials so that the prints last a lifetime.

Digital or Traditional

On the subject of your wedding photography, you may have to choose between traditional photography (the flash, the negatives, remember?) and the more cosmopolitan digital photography.

It is better to choose a photographer who knows how to get the best out of each medium and use it on your wedding photographs. It would be better if your official prints are traditionally printed and developed because they usually last longer than the modern laser printer pictures. But your photographer must also know how to utilize digital photography to give you an electronic album that could be easily shared and digitally enhanced or manipulated.