Black and White Wedding Photographs Verses Color Prints

printed wedding album

Many couples are now wanting their ceremony and reception pictures taken with black and white film. Some decide to go with both black and white prints and color prints. The black and white photos add a dramatic look to the shots. There is something to be said for both types of film.

When taking photographs, you want to make sure you look your best. If you both are not photogenic, then the best way to go would be with black and white photos. For some reason, the lack of color is more flattering to a person. A couple wants to look back on their day of bliss and see how beautiful they looked.

Something has to be said for color prints as humans see in color which makes the world a beautiful place. How boring things would be if we saw in black and white. Things are real and appear in color for our enjoyment. Black and white may seem too contemporary for you. If this is the case, stay with the choice of color prints.

Black and white photos are more striking and seem to give off a sense of realism. Imagine a black and white picture you have seen in a store or online. It could have been of a newly married couple getting into the seat of a limousine with a sign saying “Just Married.” Isn’t it almost as if you can feel their excitement and are present at their wedding? Surely, you have seen an advertisement in black and white of a handsome man or a beautiful woman.

Doesn’t the lack of color rouse feelings of drama and desire? Does not the person look more inviting? These feelings and what black and white photographs do for a person are the very reason a couple decides to hire a photographer to do these types of pictures. It’s almost as if you are enjoying that moment with them.

You or your photographer can make black and white prints out of color ones. Although this is an option, it may be best to have the photographer use actual black and white film. The clarity is better and the pictures will last a lot longer.

Your wedding photographs will serve as memories of the day you tied the knot with your best friend. You want them to be perfect and you want them to last forever just like your marriage. The decision is up to you. Black and white photographs are the trend but many still go for color prints. Some couples can’t decide and want to experience both the world of black and white photography and the world of color photography. If this is your dilemma, try getting one album of each.