Freeze-Frame Your Wedding Moments With a Scrapbook


Despite the influence of technology on almost every aspect of our lives, the timeless art of creating scrapbooks has never lost its appeal. Making a scrapbook is as personal as the memories which are archived in it, and each page is of special significance to everyone who opens it.

Scrapbooks crystallize moments into picture-perfect memories, and when it comes to special moments, nothing beats a truly romantic wedding. Keep these tips in mind while coming up with your own wedding scrapbook, and the memories of your big day will endure for as long as you wish.

Selecting the photographs for the scrapbook is probably the most difficult task, since there will be much to choose from. Pictures really do paint a thousand words, especially with this undertaking. Each picture should represent the highlights of the wedding with special importance, and should be able to evoke emotion, even if it is just a plain view of the church with the couple in front of it. Don’t forget to include the basic necessities, such as the walk, the ceremony, the couple’s first dance, and the cutting of the cake.

Build a theme based on your emotions with the event by making thought entries – in retrospect. Nostalgia highlights the dramatic moments, and these will add a whiff of sentimentality to your creation. Don’t overdo it though; you are creating a scrapbook, and not making a daily entry to your diary.

Keep the entries short and sweet, and have the important people in your life write in their two cents’ worth on how the event is special for them. Also, make sure the entries complement the pictures; if an image calls for subtlety, keep the caption short and simple.

Make it as personal as you can. There are a plethora of wedding scrapbook accessories and embellishments in the market, and you can easily get lost in the glitz of the choices which you can choose from. It’s important to keep a clear head on things, and use embellishments to highlight the scrapbook, not to overwhelm it.

Use color accents which complement or reflect your wedding motif; this will make the creation a fitting addition to your wedding memorabilia. Wedding scrapbooks should be simple and elegant, and you can never go wrong with fine stationery and a variety of embellishments, like eyelets and ribbons, among others.

Make it interesting enough to merit a second browsing. Insert short anecdotes and words of wisdom from the people who are close to both of you; this will make the scrapbook a great read, and the entries will become timeless as the years pass by. Mementos are also great tearjerkers if used properly in a scrapbook.

Apart from the usual souvenirs (invitations, greeting cards, and reception napkins), use items which are of particular importance to both of you, such as a pair of airline or train stubs from your first trip as a couple, movie tickets from your first date, and your first love letters to each other. This will go a long way in adding depth to your creation, building up on the memories of the event, and transcending into something which is of lifelong significance.